The ‘R’ in RMT


Most people are familiar with the term “Registered Massage Therapist”, but few stop to think about what the term ‘registered’ refers to.

In order to become a ‘registered’ therapist, certain qualifications must be met such as obtaining a minimum 2200 hours or approximately two years of practical and theoretical study based on an approved curriculum, a CPR-level C certificate and a criminal record check. Once these qualifications have been met by an individual, they are provided with a registration number which allows them to practice therapeutic massage, as well as direct bill to insurance companies on behalf of clients.

In addition, associations provide their members with liability insurance, resources, professional connections, and courses for continued education.

Several associations available to Manitobans include:

Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba
National Health Practitioners of Canada
Registered Massage Therapists Association

Because I am a member of MTAM, the information provided here is specific to that association, however you may find similar information relating to the other associations listed above.The Canadian Massage Therapist Alliance (of which MTAM is a member) also has information regarding province-specific associations for registration across Canada.

To find an RMT in your area, use this fantastic search tool provided my MTAM.

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