Massage Therapy

30 Minute Massage

A 30 minute appointment is the perfect amount of time to address a specific complaint or continue a treatment plan. It can also accommodate anyone with a busy schedule and is recommended for young children due to their size and toleration.

45 Minute Massage

A 45 minute appointment makes a good balance between the 30 and 60 minutes. It is also recommended for teens, as 60 minutes can sometimes be too long.

60 Minute Massage

A 60 minute massage is the most commonly booked appointment; it provides plenty of time to include assessment, a full-body massage and the opportunity to address any complaints you may have.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage is a safe and efficient way to treat pain, swelling and joint discomfort during pregnancy. It is also a wonderful way to reduce or prevent stress and it’s negative side-effects during a time that can be stressful for any expecting mother.

Neuroproprioceptive Taping

Neuroproprioceptive (NP) Taping is a form of therapeutic tape application that uses the body’s physiological reaction to achieve a desired result. It can be used to reduce swelling and pressure, stimulate muscle contraction for strengthening, inhibit overactive nerves and provide minor support to weakened joints during rehabilitation.


Direct billing is available for the following insurance companies:

Blue Cross
Great West Life
Chambers of Commerce

Receipts may be issued upon request to those who submit their own insurance if direct billing is not available.

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