My name is Randi Nowicki and I am a Registered Massage Therapist currently living and working in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I studied at Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy and have been practicing since February 2012.

It would be wonderful to tell you that I dreamed of becoming a massage therapist all my life, but truthfully that was not the case. Deep down it was set in my mind that I was going to help people for a living, but at the time I had no idea how I would do it. It was not until I was already elbow deep in hypo-allergenic massage lotion and learning the names of more muscle origins, insertions and actions than I could count that massage therapy truly became a passion of mine.

The events that led to my enrollment at WCRMT were swift and before I knew it, I had graduated and was working out of two separate clinics.

Now, more than four years later and still continually developing my business, the only thing that remains unchanged is my love for the work that I do and the people I help.

As an RMT I promote relaxation for all of my clients, but gravitate toward a treatment-based approach. My treatment style can vary depending on my clients’ needs, so while I am not known for using deep pressure, I am capable of providing it when necessary. My ultimate goal is to promote general wellness and balance between physical, mental & emotional health. I try my best to help everyone who walks through my door, whether they suffer from physical pain after an injury, or are under emotional distress and simply need time for a little self-care.

In February 2016 I attended four days of training from the International Association of Infant Massage alongside a wonderful group of women. This training kicked off my journey towards becoming a Certified Infant Massage Instructor. With the knowledge that I attain from those four days onward, I hope to reach out to the families in my community to promote bonding, positive nurturing touch, and communication between parents & their children.

IMG_1892In addition to the love I have for my career, I also enjoy reading, writing and photography, several hobbies which have spurred me to start recording and interpreting the world around me. After years of ideas bouncing around in my head, and with enough experience now to feel more confident in my knowledge and abilities, I have finally caved and decided to create a website in order to share information about massage therapy and related subjects that I am passionate about, as well as my experiences in the industry.

I hope that you enjoy reading, but also remember that this is meant to be a community and your voice matters too. If you have questions, comments, anecdotes or advice, don’t be afraid to ask and share! I look forward to hearing from you.

~Randi Nowicki RMT