A Not-So-New Addition to the Team

Good afternoon everyone!

I just wanted to take a moment to touch base, as I (obviously) have not posted much in recent weeks.

Currently I am in the midst of working on my taxes, which has had the majority of my focus for the past while (it is tedious work). In addition, I have been helping a friend put together her wedding invitations, which has taken up the remainder of my focus.

Alongside treating clients and searching for rental space to begin my infant massage classes, I’ve  unfortunately had little time to do much else, let alone sit and write. However, I was determined to do so today because I have some exciting news.

While I am saddened to say that our Reflexology Therapist, Andrea is moving on to other things and will no longer be working at the clinic, I am happy to announce the we will still offer Reflexology at Munroe Massage Therapy, provided by none other than the friendly face you know from the front desk — our receptionist, Jenna.

Jenna has been practicing Reflexology since August 2015. She will be working part-time and sharing the room which I currently rent, therefore we will coordinate our work schedules to best accommodate our clients. In addition, she will be retaining her position as our receptionist.

For most information , visit Jenna’s website. You can book an appointment with her by calling the clinic at 204-415-1587 — it is likely that she will be the one answering the phone.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Wishing you a lovely week,


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